“It’s A New Day”

Wheat field

The night dragged on and on,
The sun had long withdrawn.
Despair had began its fight,
As the moon hid its light.
Paralysed by fear’s grip
The mind awaited the dawn.

The seconds ticked by,
Turning into minutes that lie.
Time seemed to stand still,
As darkness reigned free.
Hope yielded to a long sigh,
Dreams and desire lost their will.

Yet, as the darkness grew thicker,
And hope and faith weaker,
A gong sounded loud and clear.
The voice of the herald heard,
Declaring for all ears to hear,
“It’s a New Day!”

The dawn of the New Day is here.
The darkness flees in haste,
As the majestic sun rises fair.
The Sun of Righteousness arises,
Heralding the awaited genesis
Of a glorious New Day!

Fear trembles and despair fades,
As hope awakens and faith arises.
For not only did the herald declare,
A jewel so precious is made,
The sign of the New Day,
The pledge of God’s care.

It’s a perfect gift from God,
A sign of His faithfulness.
Another opportunity to live,
And His goodness to receive.
A new song swells from within,
As joy declares, “It’s a New Day.”

By Jennifer Abigail Lawson-Wallace
6 December 2015