ISBN 1−59781−785−6
Publishers: Xulon Press


For too long, women have been inhibited by prejudice, religion, culture and fear, and many women have not been performing at their fullest potential.Therefore, abilities, gifts and talents have lain dormant or been under-utilized. Consequently, more than half of God’s workforce has been made redundant, and God’s Kingdom has been operating way below capacity by limiting the women. This has been a major setback to the advancement of the gospel, because whilst souls are dying and perishing, the Church has been reluctant to operate at full potential, by releasing the women to work. If we were a limited liability company, we would have gone into liquidation by now!

“FREE TO SERVE, God’s Liberated Woman” is a proclamation to women everywhere that Christ has set them free, so they can arise and serve besides the men in the work of preaching the gospel and harvesting souls for God’s kingdom


Book: DESIGNED FOR PURPOSE by Jennifer Wallace
ISBN 978−0−9558369−0−9
Publishers: NOBRICH Publishers


God’s attributes are manifested in the physical, and His nature is entwined with every aspect of our being. A study of the physical make-up of woman would, therefore, give us more insight into the nature of God in women, since we were created in His image.

DESIGNED FOR PURPOSE is a profoundly life-changing book that explores the physical and physiological attributes of woman, in an attempt to discover her inherent spiritual strengths, abilities, capabilities, and ultimately, purpose. The book discusses woman’s God-given strength and ability to reproduce and nurture life by taking, multiplying and incubating ‘seed’, then labouring to birth the fruit of that seed – another human being.

In an era where there is so much turmoil, pain, confusion, terror, rebellion and wickedness, DESIGNED FOR PURPOSE will enlighten, empower, equip and challenge women to discover and appreciate their inherent God-given gifts, and rise up, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to take the seeds of the kingdom of God and birth the fruits of righteousness, peace and joy through Jesus Christ, in their homes, communities, cities, nations and the world.


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