WIT Mission March 2013 Report – Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana

Missions Report


On Monday 11 March, Apostle Jennifer Wallace and I left the United Kingdom on a mission to Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. The main purpose of the mission was to strengthen and reinforce the work of Women In Tune (WIT) and Y-WIT (Young Women In Tune) in the nations through teachings, discipleship, prayer, intercession, support and encouragement.

We arrived in Douala, Cameroon late evening and were met by Aaron who took us to a guesthouse where we stayed overnight because it was too late for us to travel. At 6.00am the next morning, we started our six hour journey through the mountains to our destination, Bamenda. It was a long, long journey but we slept on and off and the scenery was great! There seemed always to be a mountain in front of us.

On the way to Bamenda

On the way to Bamenda

We eventually arrived at about 12.30 pm and were met by Dr Atem, who is the husband of WIT Country Rep Comfort. Throughout our stay Dr Atem looked after us exceptionally well – from getting drinking chocolate to topping up mobile phone with credit. We are grateful to him!

It was good to meet with Comfort Atem and Margaret Diom again. Women In Tune Cameroon (WITCAM) is doing great. They have a full team and membership is growing, Praise the Lord! All the women work very well together. The meetings for the week were held at Pastor Martin Nkimbeng’s church in ‘Mitta Quarters’ and started the afternoon of our arrival with a message by Rev Jennifer that Jesus is coming soon and the need for women to find their place in the work fields and vineyards of God. From this first meeting we knew that this would not be no ordinary mission to Cameroon. We had two sessions on the “Free to Serve” discipleship course during the day and an evening session on prayer, intercession and warfare each day. The women came forward, almost immediately, with testimony after testimony! There were daily testimonies of how the Lord spoke – people were hearing Him for the first time after the teachings on prayer. The WIT prayer agenda was also fulfilled as we prayed and interceded passionately for the Church, nation and people of Cameroon, raising the banner of Jesus Christ for all to see.

Women praying

Women praying

The children and youth had their own teachings and even though their meeting had been postponed earlier, they were not deterred and attended the next afternoon in great numbers to hear Apostle Jennifer speak. In fact quite a few attended all the meetings! To the Youth she said: “The Lord is turning to this generation because we are in the end times. Turn to the Word of God. Read it for yourself. Do not forget God. With Women In Tune we have raised the standard and paved a path for women whose sole purpose is to proclaim and raise the profile of Jesus Christ. Y-WIT has been launched to raise the next generation of women for the kingdom. Look to the women who oversee this ministry. Look up to them. Learn from them. But above all give yourself to God. Let the Word of God be your guide above everything.”

By the end of the week, we were overcome by God’s goodness to us all. It was for me an awesome mission to Cameroon! The Introduction of the “Free to Serve” discipleship course says, “Godly women can now rise up, breakthrough the limitations, shake the chains and fetters off their feet and hands, come out of the boxes, caves and prisons to worship and serve God!! Culture, tradition religion and prejudice can no longer stop or hold them back, for they refuse to conform to the boundaries set for them by human beings!” I believe this is what I witnessed in Bamenda and praise God, it will happen in all WIT nations and other nations.

We left Bamenda at 4.45am on Saturday, 16 March to make the long six hour journey back to Douala for our next flight to Lagos, Nigeria.

With WITCAM team and friends

With WITCAM team and friends


We arrived in Lagos, Nigeria late afternoon the same day and had some much needed rest the next day, even though Apostle Jennifer preached at Christ Family Evangelical Mission Church in the morning. We spent some time with Dr Wole and Pastor Azuka Gbogboade and their family which was lovely.

We also met with Mrs. Toyin Omotayo who was appointed WIT Nigeria Country Rep. She is very bright and eager to know all she can about Women In Tune. I believe she will be an asset to WIT Nigeria, as she is also very eager to serve. Welcome Toyin! Good to have you on board.

Apostle Jennifer and Toyin

Apostle Jennifer and Toyin

On Tuesday, 19 March we travelled to Saints Garage Christian Support Services Centre in West Badagry for the Esthers Arise Annual International Women Leaders’ Retreat. The theme for this year’s retreat was “True Worship.” That evening was the first session and Pastor Azuka welcomed us all with a powerful message from Isaiah 55. We just knew God was going to do something wonderful.

Apostle Jennifer taught two sessions on True Worship and Deep Worship. She said that our daily lifestyle must be worship – and that is not simply singing a slow song! “If there is true worship, then there is false worship, that is, worshipping God in religious manner, familiarity with God, borrowing worldly ideas thus lowering the standard of worship. Also, we cannot worship the God we do not know. There must be a connection.” That got everyone talking!

Apostle Jennifer continued to teach us that “Worship is a journey and relationship with God. Without true worship we cannot move forward into a ‘Holy of Holies’ encounter with God. Don’t stay in the outer court. True Worship is a lifestyle – Engaging with God by walking in the Spirit and living in the Word, and as we do so a fragrance will rise to the Lord. This is true worship. Father is seeking true worshippers.” She spoke about the pattern of Moses’ Tabernacle, and the Tabernacle of David and its relevance to us in worship (Amos had prophesied it would be rebuilt to allow all peoples to seek God). It was a complete revelation to most people and God gave much grace for us to understand.

Apostle Jennifer encouraged us, “Come into a place of encounter with God beyond salvation. There are levels in God, higher heights and deeper depths in Him, which He wants us to discover, experience and know.” There is a CD on these teachings and I recommend you get a copy.

Leaders at Esthers Arise Intl Annual Retreat

Leaders at Esthers Arise Intl Annual Retreat

Dr. Wole and Pastor Azuka also taught some of the sessions. We had midnight to 3.00am prayer vigil and we celebrated God with dancing and praise. Thank God for a wonderful conference and thank Pastor Azuka for her courage and integrity to let the Spirit of God direct the conference. It was great experience.

We left Saints Garage, West Badagry on Friday 22 March and drove for 3 hours to the airport to catch the flight to our next destination, Ghana!


The flight was uneventful and we arrived late evening in Accra, Ghana. Home‼! Yes, that’s what it feels like to me. Next morning we had to set off at 6.00am to make our trip to Cape Coast which is about two hours away. We were up early, ready and waiting for the car when on checking the time realized we had not changed the clock over to local time so the alarm had gone off an hour earlier‼ Well, we couldn’t go back to sleep so spent the time in prayer.

University of Cape Coast

Ahh‼! The joint meeting between Y-WIT and University Pentecostal Fellowship (PENTEFEL)!!! When I think of this meeting there is a sense of excitement at what God is going to do with the next generation. The students were unlike any other university students that I have met and I want to thank them for sharing their love of God and inspiring me in, oh so many, ways.

We met Bessie Amentor, the former vice-president of PENTEFEL. Bessie is a lovely young lady, full of God’s goodness. We got started with praise and worship which was good. The young people sang and played a variety of instruments and the music and songs were excellent.

Praise and worship time

Mrs. Dorothy Tackie, WIT Ghana Country Rep shared briefly about WIT. Then Apostle Jennifer spoke on the topic ‘Break the Mould.’ She spoke with the Holy Spirit’s power – the message was powerful – and the young people listened intently.

“Listen, O daughter, consider and incline your ear; forget your own people also, and your father’s house; so the King will greatly desire your beauty; because He is your Lord, worship Him… Instead of Your fathers shall be Your sons, whom You shall make princes in all the earth. I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore the people shall praise You forever and ever.”– Psalm 45:10-11, 16-17

Forget your people – come out and be separated! God is looking for a man – not just any man. He is looking for someone unique; He is looking for someone who knows Him! There is a destiny in you for the Kingdom of God but you have to come out; change your mindset, thinking pattern; come out of your culture. The students were taking in every word. We were over running our time but the students insisted on continuing to do the group work and thank God that they did because at the feedback – WOW‼! They got it. They got that they have to embrace kingdom lifestyle, embrace the word of God and knew that they needed to move into the Kingdom ways, patterns and plans. Above all, they knew they needed to love Jesus!

Ladies group discussion

Ladies group discussion

Guys group discussion

Guys group discussion

One thing that made the meeting different was the involvement of the guys, who turned up in their numbers even though it was a Y-WIT meeting! It was fascinating to hear their discussions in their groups. The things the guys said they needed to come out from were no different to that of the ladies, as both had the same culture, religion, traditions to deal with. These are some of the things they talked about in their feedback: worldly music affecting young Christians, fornication and lack of control, culture and tribalism, various TV programmes, time management, Facebook, making decisions that compromise (if you are for God be for God!), negative language, and much more. The guys were great with their feedback. The students were one voice during the feedback that they will come out of these and be separate unto to the Lord.

At the end of the meeting, there was a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit as we all marched and sang, “We are the sons of God, we’ve washed our robes in the Blood of Jesus, we are the sons of God!” The students then presented Apostle Jennifer with a plaque citation that really touched her deeply. It was a spectacular meeting! We left with happy hearts and spirits soaring.

Presentation of Citation

Presentation of Citation

WIT Ghana

On Sunday we ‘rested.’ On Monday 25 March we had a meeting with WIT Ghana leaders. This was to do a “Train the Trainer” on Free to Serve. WIT Country Rep Mrs. Dorothy Tackie did a fantastic job in setting this up. WIT Accra and WIT Elmina leaders and women who had attended the recent Women on the Frontline conference came to this meeting and it was good to meet them. The training went very well and there were lots of questions. One thing for sure is that people are hungry for good teaching. Wherever we went on this mission people are wanting to know more and more about how to live Kingdom lifestyle, what they can do, how they can do it.

Apostle Jennifer also taught on women in leadership. Every woman is a leader but that we limit ourselves. She spoke of five key areas that women need to address if we are to come into effective leadership – the definition of leadership, the question of identity of women, lack of vision, need for training and transference of skills. Many women lack vision and without vision we cannot set goals, plan, strategize and implement. The meeting went very well and very many thanks to Dorothy.

Many things about this mission were different to other missions I’ve been on. I loved all of it and I thank God for the privilege of being part of this great ministry. Thanks for everyone who helped and looked after us on this mission. I look forward to the next one with great anticipation.

Jackie and Apostle Jennifer, tired but fulfilled

Jackie and Apostle Jennifer, tired but fulfilled

By Jackie Magloire
Missions Associate and Prayer Coordinator


Testimony: From Nigeria


By Pastor Azuka Gbogboade (Esthers Arise Intl Ministries, Nigeria)

Women In Tune (WIT), came to Nigeria by divine appointment in the year 2004 with the “Free To Serve message.” This message was an eye-opener to the women leaders that attended the seminar. The impact of the message cannot be over emphasized; as it stirred up the women to serve the Lord with confidence. We were told to break through our cultural limitations and serve the Lord with liberty, as a result of the finished work on the cross.

While we were still ruminating on this timely message, Apostle Jennifer Wallace came back with the following year with another message on the “Identity of the Woman”. This second message further strengthened us in our service to the Lord. The identity of the woman was unveiled. We saw ourselves as God sees us, we saw the value He placed on us, and we also discovered that we were uniquely created by God for His specific purpose and Glory.

As a result of this unique work, WIT has made an impact in the Western part of Nigeria and the neighbouring country, Benin Republic. Christian women leaders who attended the WIT seminars took the messages back to their various ministries, towns and spheres of influence with passion to impart others.

WIT also did a joint work with our ministry, Esthers’ Arise Intl’ Ministries (Nigeria) annually for several years during the Christian Women Leaders’ Prayer Retreat. Apostle Jennifer Wallace continued to impart grace into our lives through her unique messages.

Last year, precisely January 2012, WIT also came to Nigeria, under the umbrella of Cedars’ House Christian (International), with a specific message to the Nigerian Church and the Nigerian youth. Apostle Jennifer Wallace urged the Nigerian church to wake up from slumber and rise up to the Lord’s call to kingdom lifestyle and righteousness. The identity and purpose of the church was emphasized. As a result of this message, a group of 5 pastors are now meeting regularly to intercede for the Church and the nation.

Identity crisis was also dealt with among the youths as they were told to break the mould that held them down for too long to stand for Christ. There were healings and deliverance at each meeting. We look forward to more open doors for the ministry in Nigeria especially in other parts of the country.