Hounded By God



My soul thirsts,
My heart hungers,
My yearnings deepen,
My heart cries.

The more I drink,
The more I feed,
The more I’m satisfied,
The more I’m filled with joy.

The deeper my soul’s thirst,
The stronger my heart’s hunger,
The more earnest my yearnings,
The more desperate my heart’s cry,

I am perplexed,
My soul faints within me,
I pray and pray and pray,
I sing, I cry; I cry, I sing!

But then, I hear a whisper from within,
The reassuring voice of His presence,
And it finally dawns on me,
“I am hounded by God.”

The God of relentless love,
Has made me the object of His pursuit;
So, willingly and freely,
I embrace all the perplexities
Of one hounded by Love.

Jennifer Abigail Lawson-Wallace
Copyright 2016


3 comments on “Hounded By God

  1. Indeed when you find love in the Lord, your language changes, your interests change and you can tell Him or sing to Him this way. God bless you mum.

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