The name resounds from the beginning of time,
A name, birthed from the loins of pain.
For on that fateful day, when man fell from grace,
And God pronounced judgement, not to His gain,
Adam rose and called his wife ‘Chavvah,’

What did Adam hear that day,
To give his wife such a name?
Oh, the voice of hope was so clear,
For God in mercy had declared,
That through the seed of Woman
Redemption shall appear.
Hope was rekindled, as God ordained,
That in childbearing, woman would save the day.

The trees shook at their roots,
For the earth heard the voice of the Creator,
And responded and took the seeds man planted.
Earth multiplied that which it received,
And when it had brought forth its fruit,
It earned the name Mother!

Mother, every woman’s desire!
Ingrained in her, at the very core of her being,
The urge to reproduce, she must satisfy!
For God has created her to function as the earth,
To take seed and multiply,
Bringing forth the fruit of her womb.

Rachel cried, ‘give me a child or I die!’
Hannah knew no peace until she conceived.
Sarah had given up hope,
For she considered her body dead.
The Shulammite woman, Elizabeth, all received,
The seed of the womb and hope was alive again,
For they could bear that name once again, Mother!

The miracle of birth,
Is but a fusion of the divine and human.
For heaven unites with earth,
When seed is taken by woman.
This is the wonder of motherhood,
That a woman would take seed, incubate it,
And birth the fruit of that seed –
Another human being!

MOTHER, such a multifaceted name
Nurturer, Nourisher, Nurse,
Life-giver, Sustainer, Protector,
Strength, Grace, Solution…
Mother, a song in the ear of every child,
The sweet song of the fruit of the womb.
Mother, the essence of womanhood,
Worthy to be honoured and celebrated!

A name the Church must also bear.
For, indeed, She is a woman,
The Bride of Christ, Her bridegroom.
Not only must She bear the name,
The Church must also possess the nature,
The very essence of the name.

For Mother has known intimacy,
Mother has rejected barrenness.
Mother has taken seed and conceived,
Mother has incubated and multiplied seed,
And has nurtured and nourished till term.
Mother has laboured
And brought forth her fruit in pain.
Mother, the one who nurtures,
And raises the womb’s fruit, till maturity.

Church, arise to Motherhood!
Bride of Christ, let the cry be heard from you:
“Give me children or else I die!”
Zion, know no peace till you conceive!
Church, draw to your Bridegroom in intimacy!
Bride of Christ, take the seed of His Word,
And nurture, nourish, multiply and reproduce!
Church, bear fruit for Jesus Christ…
Knowing that the hope of humanity and all creation,
Lies with you arising to MOTHERHOOD!

 By Jennifer Abigail Wallace
(As Inspired by the Holy Spirit)


6 comments on “MOTHER OF ALL LIVING

  1. Rev. Jennifer, this is wonderful. Every woman who reads it will not remain the same. This was the Holy Spirit Himself talking to us through you.
    Thanks Rev.

  2. Rev Jennifer
    Every time i read your writeup on mother of all living i get inspired afresh. May the spirit of God continue annointing you for this divine service to the glory of His holy name

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