Free, free, free, at last,
Free from the bondage of ages past.
Unto the ground my chain I cast,
Rejoicing in God’s grace, oh so vast.

I looked down to see,
As I rose up from my knee,
Perhaps I might find the key,
To unlock the box that held me

But wait, not only are the fetters broken,
The prison doors are also open.
The chains of bondage are now only a token,
Of my liberty once stolen.

Tradition is no longer a snare,
Culture has been laid bare.
In the light of God’s word, so clear,
Religion and Prejudice would no longer dare.

For the bars of the cage of fear have been bent,
And our enemy’s strength spent.
In vicious anger his garments rent,
To see this mighty army of women sent.

The stones have been rolled away,
The caves can no longer make us stay.
Jesus, I heard someone say,
Has settled the debt only He could repay.

Women, multitudes of women arising,
All around me is much rejoicing.
Onward, forward, all are marching,
Singing and praising, praying and preaching.

Free, free, at last to serve,
An integral part of God’s reserve
The dying souls of mankind to preserve,
Indeed, their very souls from hell to swerve

I lifted my head and saw,
A vast field of women, free and at war
Praying and fasting, a harvest to draw,
Finally to settle the Saviour’s score

By Apostle Jennifer Abigail Wallace
Copyright 2006


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