The Uniqueness of Woman – Part 5

bride 2

To discover the nature and essence of God in woman is to discover the potential, nature,purpose and function and occupation of the Church

God-Discovery, Not Self-Discovery

God is restoring and raising women. He is restoring our identity and purpose! Indeed, it is time to discover who we are in Him! It is also time to discover, celebrate and applaud our areas of uniqueness as women, rather than assuming they don’t exist or are insignificant and weak. It is time to discover and celebrate our identity as women and the feminine characteristics that God has bestowed on us, knowing that they are just as valuable and useful as our masculine counterparts’!

However, our search for identity and insight to our uniqueness must never be one of self-discovery, but of God-discovery. This is because to discover the nature and essence of our gender is to discover the inherent nature and power of God in us. As the scripture says,

“As He IS, so are we…”1 John 4:17

However, discovering and celebrating our identity and uniqueness must not be an end in itself, but a means to an end. This means that finding our uniqueness in God should empower us to go forth in His knowledge to do exploits for Him. It is not just enough just to know that women are unique, it is also important to discover the purpose attached to that uniqueness and fulfil it!

This is something every Christian woman ought to bear in mind – that we were created for a purpose and because we are unique, that purpose would remain unfulfilled unless we rose up and accomplished it.

The Church, The Bride Of Christ

This has even greater implications for the Church, because spiritually, she is a woman, the Bride of Jesus Christ, the last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45; Ephesians 5:25-32). For to discover the uniqueness of woman is to further discover the uniqueness of the Church, the Bride of Christ!

Here are some points for you to reflect on:

  1. Just as woman is unique and the only existing ‘one of its kind,’ so is the Church and the only one existing of her kind. There is no other ‘being’ or ‘body’ like the Church on earth. She is unique and unparalleled
  2. The Church came out of Christ, and as He is, so are we, therefore, the Church must continue to be transformed to bear, possess and manifest the image of Christ in essence, nature, character, authority and power. The Holy Spirit is with us to transform us into His image.
  3. A vacuum is created when the Church is not revealing and manifesting the glory of God, and this does not serve the purposes of God. Wherever a vacuum exists, the enemy is quick to fill it with every form of evil. Thus, the Church must come into her fullness, even unto the stature of Christ, to fill our homes, communities, towns and cities with the goodness, mercy, justice, righteousness, peace and love of God. (Ephesians 4:11-16)
  4. The woman had her time alone with God, thus, the Church must have her ‘time alone’ with God by making prayer a priority. We must get into the closet and spend time with God, getting to know Him through prayer, praise, worship and the Word, and be transformed in the process.
  5. Just as the creation of the woman built up and completed all things, the Church must grow, expand, establish and build up our nations. Jesus gave us a mandate to preach the gospel and disciple the nations, teaching them to observe all that He has taught us (Matthew 28:18-20). The Church must influence and change our cultures until they are aligned with God’s word. Every area of society, including language, marriage and family, socio-economy, government, education, media/arts and religion, must be influenced and built up by the Church. (Micah 4:1-5)
  6. As Adam recognised the woman as “bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh,” Jesus Christ also recognises the Church as such, and loves her and gave His life for her. Thus the Church shall submit to Jesus in all ways to fulfil God’s purpose for her existence. (Ephesians 5:25-33).
  7.  The Church must rise up against the works of evil in our homes, families, communities, villages, towns, cities, and nations! We must rise up and proclaim the glorious gospel of Jesus to the utmost parts of the world, starting from our homes, families, communities, workplaces, market places, cities, towns and villages and nations. We must travail over our families, communities, towns, cities and nations, until Christ is birthed in them. We must demonstrate to the principalities and powers that Jesus is Lord.
  8. Indeed, the Church of Jesus Christ shall become the “LIFE-SPRING” of our homes, workplaces, schools, government, cities, towns and villages and nations!

It Is Still Not Good!

This is why it is very important for women to know who and what God created us to be, and empowered by that knowledge, rise up to be used by God. The Church needs to take note of this fact – so far as women in Church remain hindered and disempowered, the church will be limited and disempowered. God’s words still ring true,

“It is not good for the man to be alone!”

We NEED to raise women to stand together with men to fulfil the mandate of building the kingdom of God on earth. The characteristics the Bride of Christ must display to make her victorious are already inherent in women, and come to us naturally. Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, in his book, “Why Not Women,” said he would rather have one woman with him on the mission field than 15 men, because that’s the number of men he would need to accomplish what he would accomplish with one woman!

Woman, the truth amazing truth is that God has created you in His image as unique, strong and beautiful. You are one whose existence completes all things and without you all things will fall apart. Sin damaged you, but God has repaired the damage in Christ Jesus. Indeed, He has set you free from the clutches and bondages of sin, for who the Son sets free is free indeed!

Woman, no one can improve on what God has created! You are already unique! Don’t sit around waiting for someone to help you, show you and empower you. Your Father has already provided help – you have the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and access to the Father. Seek God, get to know Him, let Him re-define, transform and strengthen you. And when He’s done that, rise up and be used by Him to fulfil His plans and purposes.

There are prayers waiting to be prayed by you. There are people waiting to hear of Christ from you. There are people waiting to be discipled and raised up in Christ by you. There are people waiting to be empowered by you. There are homes, families, communities, towns, cities and nations waiting to be changed by you through Jesus Christ.

Yes, woman uniquely created, Jesus Christ NEEDS you to ARISE!



  1. Do you see yourself as uniquely created in God’s image?
  2. What will the world would be like without women? Consider all aspects of life, including family, society, economy, church, etc. Use your imagination, think beyond the box.
  3. Ponder over the areas of uniqueness mentioned in this chapter. What do they tell you?
  4. Now look at your own life. In what areas are you manifesting this uniqueness?
  5. Begin to pray and ask God to make this real in your life.



An excerpt from Apostle Jennifer Abigail Wallace’s soon to be published book, “SONS OF GOD – Our Ultimate Identity as Women in Christ” THIS ARTICLE CAN BE USED BY PERMISSION BUT WITH REFERENCE TO AUTHOR


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